News: Brexiteers Put The Boot Into Have I Got News For You

News: Guests Announced for New Series Of Have I Got News For You

Brexit supporters and others have criticised Have I Got News For You after the BBC programme posted a tweet about its future.

Noting that September 28 was the thirtieth anniversary of the first show's airing, the HIGNFY account tweeted: "So that’s 30 years then, but if Paul Dacre and Charles Moore take those jobs we’re unlikely to see another five, and nor is the BBC."

Dacre and Moore have reportedly been said to be in the running for jobs as head of regulator Ofcom and the BBC Chairman respectively. Dacre is a former Daily Mail editor, Moore is an ex-Telegraph editor.

Arron Banks tweeted: "You could try bringing back humour rather than pointless lefty drivel ..."

Daniel Hannan tweeted: "The country voted for Brexit and for a Conservative Government. But the BBC is horrified at the idea of Brexiteers or Tories in senior positions. That, in a nutshell, is the BBC's problem."

One-time Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney tweeted: "The fact HIGNFY recognises it might get the chop if non-wokes get the top BBC jobs is the most spectacular self-own of 2020"

Others, however, did spring to the programme's defence, suggesting that if it was left-of-centre why did it invite Boris Johnson to be a guest host.

The programme returned last Friday, with regulars Ian Hislop and Paul Merton.

Picture: Ray Burmiston 


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