News: Mark Silcox Reads Aesop's Fables In New Series

News: Mark Silcox Reads Aesop's Fables In New Series
Mark Silcox is launching a new series for everyone who wants a good story and to learn morals. Aesop’s Fables have taught us morals for millennia and Mark Silcox has updated them for 2020.
Turtle Canyon Comedy, the indie comedy production house behind James Acaster’s Netflix series, Joel Dommett’s ITV comedy special and an online channel with over 4 million views, are bringing 10 episodes of Storytime with Silcox to their YouTube channel.
The Tortoise and The Hare, The Frog & The Ox, The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and all the other classics are retold by Mark and accompanied by original illustrations, such as the one here, from Lise Richardson. The first two episodes premiere at on 22nd September at the ‘just home from school’ time of 4pm and then a new episode every school day until the 2nd October.
Comedy fans will recognise deadpan comic Mark Silcox from his appearances in shows including Man Like Mobeen, Sick of It and The Luke McQueen Pilots. He was also a regular on C4 consumer show  Joe Lycett's Got Your Back. 
It’s perfect for adults lacking morals and children who don’t mind finding out where condoms go. The wholesome, hilarious content the world needs right now.

Watch the trailer featuring Mark Silcox below.




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