News: And Then There Were Two...Poppy Hillstead Leaves Gossipmongers

News: Poppy Hilstead Returns With Second Run Of Poppy Hillstead Has Entered The Chat

Comedian Poppy Hillstead has left the podcast Gossipmongers. The podcast in which real gossip is sent in and read out will now be presented by just David Earl and Joe Wilkinson.

Hillstead has posted on social media that to her surprise she had been dropped from the podcast after three series.

The fourth series of Gossipmongers, which launches today (Monday, Sept, 14), features only Earl and Wilkinson.

She has recently launched her own podcast, Poppy Hillstead Has Entered The Chat. In each episode she explores into the depths of internet chatrooms. From hypnosis roleplay to pretending to know about carp angler fishing techniques, Poppy is determined to enter the chat and blend in.

Each week Poppy is joined by special guests to re-enact what she's been up to. Listen here.



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