News: New Joke Book From Gary Delaney

Gary Delaney's first joke book Pundamentalist: 1,000 Jokes You Probably Haven't Heard Before is published on October 1.

Delaney is an award-winning comedian and star of Mock the Week, Live at the Apollo and House of Games.

He has written for the likes of Jimmy Carr, Jason Manford and James Corden and was the first comic to have two gags in the same top 10 for Dave’s TV Funniest Jokes from the Edinburgh Fringe. (Ross Smith also achieved this last year).

His last comedy tour was extended four times and took in over 200 venues, he’s the premier gag smith of his generation and through Twitter he’s become one of the most followed and quoted comedians in the country:

Here are a few examples of what to expect from the book.

I’d like to start this book with a joke about crowbars, as they always make a great opener.

My sister gave birth on a trampoline, and I’m pleased to say she now has a bouncing baby boy.

According to the vet, my cat’s in heat. I didn’t even know she was famous.

My French pen friend just said ‘Le monde’, which means the world to me.

Pre-order Pundamentalist here.


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