News: Sketch Trio Breaks Record With New BBC Three Sketch

News: Sketch Trio Breaks Record With New BBC Three Sketch

A new clip from sketch trio Muriel has broken the record for the most views on Facebook and Twitter. 

She's Asking For It, released as part of BBC Three's 'quickies' strand last week, has already clocked up a combined 21 million views on social media, making it the most watched Quickie since the strand launched 3 years ago. The strand has released over 70 sketches.

The clip features Janine Harouni, Sally O’Leary and Meg Salter (alongside comedy duo Goodbear, Henry Perryment and Joe Barnes) and is directed, shot and edited by Andrew Nolan (who makes all of Muriel's videos).

In the 90-second clip the trio satirise tabloid news stories where women have been blamed for dressing provocatively. The sketch features numerous scenarios suggesting that women can get exactly what they want by dressing a certain way, from getting work promotions if they wear a sharp suit (even if they aren't even employed by the company) to getting a dog if they dress up as a bone...

Watch the clip here.



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