News: Comedian Mark Dolan Cuts Up Mask On Air

News: Comedian Mark Dolan Cuts Up Mask On Air

Mark Dolan has incurred the wrath of a portion of the comedy community and many others by publicly cutting up a face mask.

Dolan was presenting his show on Talk Radio when he did this. He said: "No wonder people are beginning to rebel. The inconsistent mask message makes no sense. Wearing a mask is the new woke. It’s state sponsored virtue signalling on a grand scale".

As he cut his mask into pieces he added: "If you want to save lives and get the country back on track, the only option is to get back to normal. The first step to achieving that is binning these wretched masks".

His behaviour prompted anger on Twitter. 

Emma Kennedy tweeted: "It's been very sad watching @TalkRadio become a cess pit but here we are."

Suzi Ruffell tweeted: "This is up there for the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen, also completely reckless." Danny Wallace replied: "It is pathetic and harmful and very sad at the same time."

Mitch Benn wrote: "This makes me sadder than I can express" and asked Dolan to unfollow him.

Iain Lee wrote: "I think I remember you when you weren't a prick encouraging people to put my mums life at risk.".

Bethany Black tweeted: "Mark Dolan proving once again that whilst we often talk a good game us comedians have often mistaken thinking a lot about things for being clever. To paraphrase Ian Dury, there ain’t half been some thick bastards." 

Liam Withnail tweeted: "Remember when we didn't have enough PPE and NHS staff died? Anyway here's mark Dolan cutting up a mask".

Watch Mark Dolan below



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