News: Daniel Kitson Releases Classic Performances To Raise Money For Venues

News: Daniel Kitson Releases Classic Performances To Raise Money For Venues

Daniel Kitson has made his acclaimed 2007 show It's The Fireworks Talking available to help out one of the comedy chains that has been devastatingly hit by the Covid19 crisis.

Half of the money made from the show, which is now available to listen to on Bandcamp, will be going to The Stand, which has venues in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle. Listen here:

And Kitson has now also made footage available of Stories For The Wobbly Hearted, filmed in 2005 at the Traverse Theatre. It can be rented during August to raise money for the Traverse Theatre.

Kitson has apologised for the quality of some of the footage in his latest mailout, but concludes that: "all things considered its not terrible."

He adds: "It was a very big show for me at the time. The Traverse weren’t really interested in my burgeoning rep as a comedian and insisted on reading  the script. The fact they then decided to take a chance on the show based on that script rather than my INDISPUTABLE ABILITY TO SHIFT SWEET UNITS genuinely meant a huge amount to me -  It felt like a vote of confidence in what felt at the time like a scary change of direction and like I say it’s definitely not TERRIBLE."

It is £3 for 48 hours access here:
You can also rent his show The Interminable Suicide Of Gregory Church at the same link and all the money from that will go to the Angel Comedy Micro Bursary Fund. 
Kitson is also currently doing a live show on Resonance FM from Mondays to Thursday at midnight until the end of August.



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