News: The News Quiz Goes Remote – Apply For Tickets Here

New: Tickets For The News Quiz With Andy Zaltzman
Join Andy Zaltzman for a brand new series of The News Quiz as he’s joined by the nation’s best comedians and journalists to chew over the week’s headlines.
Tickets for these special recordings are limited and will be allocated by random draw.
You can register at any time until 10pm on Tuesday 18 August.
You can apply for a maximum of one ticket per recording and if you are successful in the random draw you will only be allocated tickets for one recording date.
Thursday 3 September
Thursday 10 September
Online access from: 3.30pm
Live recording starts: 4pm
Successful applicants will be invited to watch and listen to this live recording using Zoom .
In order for the BBC to be able to record your reactions throughout, you will also be given access to our Virtual Audience Recording system, which will need to be opened in an up-to-date version of Google Chrome on a PC or Mac (tablets and phones are not currently supported). You will be able to hear reaction from all other audience members live, so we hope that even though you are probably sitting at home, we can try and recreate the feeling that you’re part of a live audience!
Audience members will be encouraged to react in the same way you would in a theatre - laugh, applaud and react whenever you want to, and when we mix everything together it will sound amazing!
Before applying please ensure you have read the Online Premieres and Events Privacy Notice .
To enter the random draw visit



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