News: Comics Pay Tribute To Harry U Eldrich

Tributes have been paid to comedian Harry U Eldrich, whose death has been reported on social media.

Katie Pritchard wrote abut Eldrich, whose real name was Richard Hurley, on Facebook: "Can’t believe the news about Harry U Eldrich!! Loads of love to everyone who knew him! We gigged together loads when I just started. And I thought he was a wicked performer and a wonderful man! My favourite gig we had together was ‘Swapsies’ night and we had to write sets for each other, and he performed the full on musical set that I’d written for him in his fearless persona, fully committed to the songs, and dressed head to toe in leather bondage, shouting the re-written words of ‘I’m Coming Out’ at the audience. It was so funny! I loved every second watching him onstage perform!! Rest in peace buddy! ❤️ xxx"

David Mills added: "a great character, hilarious comic, brilliant mind and sharp dresser - watching the fearless Harry U Eldrich dominate and destroy a room was a terrifying thrill. what a terrible loss."

Johnny Murph wrote: "Dark & Dangerous. Always a Gentleman, whenever we met. Stormed it more often than not. Extremely sad to hear of his passing."

Will Preston wrote: "Very sad to hear about the passing of Harry U Eldrich. Only met him a handful of times, but was blown away each time he was on stage. Incredible presence that will be VERY much missed."

Gary Shaw recalled a number of memorable Edinburgh gigs including this one in 2015: "In 2015 I had a midday gig. He was concerned that a lunchtime crowd might not appreciate his type of humour. I told him that it's a pub, therefore regardless of the time slot, if they didn't like it they shouldn't be in there. He smashed every gig he played. He opened with his lightest joke, then once he had their attention, would constantly test the water and then invite them further deeper. And deeper. And deeper. Beautifully done."

Eldrich was a seasoned club comic and often played We Are Funny Project gigs.

Other colleagues spoke of how supportive he was to new comedians and how he was a joy to be around in contrast to his more menacing stage persona. He was also one of sharpest dressers on the circuit.

Cause of death has not been reported at this stage.

Watch Harry U Eldrich below






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