News: Comedian Launches Clothes Range

You've got to make a living any way you can these days so it is no surprise that comedians who can't gig like they used to are diversifying. 

Award-winning comedian Katie Pritchard has discovered a new career in art during lockdown. Initially offering to create her trademark “Crap Art Portraits” of your photos from just £5 (which you can still purchase via her Ko-Fi page ). And now Katie has decided to go ahead and ruin T-Shirts and Jumpers too with her fun artwork under the title “Katie PritchArt”, which launches this week.
Featuring clothes with cats playing instruments, some space-themed puns, a scrabble-themed T-Shirt after her “Two Letter Words” song garnered the affections of those of us in lockdown desperately playing Scrabble thinking it could save us all from the turmoil of a pandemic, as well as some weather-based creations too, because, well, who doesn’t love weather-based artwork on their clothes? These T-shirts are designed for everyone no matter age, gender, or penchant for dancing while you cook.
“I wanted them all to be fun, and make you smile when you take them out of your wardrobe” says Katie “and some of them will make you feel cool even? Not that you really need any help with that – you’re already the coolest person I know!” says Pritchard.
Teaming up with Teemill, this partnership allows for Katie to sell her designs on organic cotton t-shirts made in Teemill’s renewable energy-powered factory. Teemill also boasts zero waste, as all clothes are printed to order, so there are no bulk orders and unwanted t-shirts just laying around. Also, their tees are all designed to be worn to the max, and then when they start to wear out, send them back to the factory instead of throwing them away, and Teemill will transform the old cotton into new material for more cool clothes! Pretty snazzy huh?

For this weekend there will be free P&P on all orders. More items and info here:



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