News: Fan Has Basil Fawlty Tattoo On Their Arm

News: Fan Has Basil Fawlty Tattoo On Their Arm

A Fawlty Towers fan – at least we think they must be a fan – has had the image of Basil Fawlty tattoo'd on their arm.

John Cleese posted a picture of the tattoo on his Facebook page and wrote: "Now THIS is the kind of commitment I expect from all you for #fawltyfanart The artist is @vicvivid and the arm I've been immortalized on belongs to @JRaquel702 #fawltytowers"

We assume it is genuine although we don't know when it was done, but we presume it will be harder to remove than any unacceptable language in The Germans episode of Fawlty Towers.

Picture: Facebook


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