News: Online Comedy Gig Gets Unborn Baby Kicking

News: Online Comedy Gig Gets Unborn Baby Kicking
Comedian and multimedia performer John Roberts had an online gig with a difference this weekend.
He has been streaming on Twitch twice a day, 7 days a week (12 shows p/w) at and was doing his weekly Sunday Lunch With Yer Dad show, where he pretends to be the Divorced Aussie Dad of everybody in the chat, when a user pointed out she’d gone into contractions. It turned out her partner was in the chat too and they were watching the show together as she started going into labour.
So Robertson threw them both an impromptu baby shower and raised some funds for the new addition to the family. Comics Demi Lardner, Tom Walker and Jordan Raskopolous showed up too.
"It was an incredible day," says Robertson. "I’m not saying my show induced the labour, but apparently my singing made the baby kick, which is either a sign of great joy, or the youngest heckler I’ve ever had."
Robertson is famous for his Dark Room interactive shows. This was more of a dark womb event.
His upcoming Twitch schedule is here: 
12pm daily chat
8pm - talk +variety show Monday Night Robbo
Tuesdays: 12pm daily chat
12pm daily chat 
7pm - Crap Movie Night
12pm daily chat 
7pm Thursday Night Mate Night (comedian interviews)
12pm daily chat
7pm The Dark Room
12pm daily chat
7pm The Dark Room
12pm - Sunday Lunch With Yer Dad



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