Preview: Jenny Eclair's Little Lifetimes

Preview: Jenny Eclair's Little Lifetimes

There has been a lot of talk recently of pocket playlets making a comeback with Michael Sheen and David Tennant's Zoom-based Staged and Alan Bennett's Talking Heads returning. 

But on radio this type of intimate format has never really gone away. The storytelling template doesn't need elaborate sets and pyrotechnics. Just captivating tales well told. Comedian/writer Jenny Eclair is now on her sixth series of Little Lifetimes, the Radio 4 series of short stories in which different women share their secrets in each episode.

Eclair has attracted a pretty stellar cast too. Previous episodes in the current run have featured Katherine Jakeways and Pauline McClynn and still to come are Sarah Parish and Christine Kavanagh.

And Linda Robson stars in the next episode (Wednesday, June 24, 11pm) entitled Me And Tina Were Up West When We Bumped Into Avril. When Dee and Tina run into Avril it's clear that she's not done badly for herself. Memories of the past play out against a mugging that leaves Dee distraught...

Little Lifetimes, Wednesdays Radio 4 at 11pm. Catch up on past episodes here


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