TV Preview: New BBC Comedy From Comedian Phoebe Walsh

News: New BBC Comedy From Comedian Phoebe Walsh
Comedian Phoebe Walsh stars in her own self-penned comedy for BBC Three, Behind The Filter.
This isn’t how Ruby (Phoebe Walsh) imagined her life - single, unemployed, IBS, the wrong side of 25 and living at home with her parents (Dominic Coleman and Pippa Haywood).

But the time has come for her to truly make her mark on the world, to do something quite significant with her life, she is going to make…a podcast.

Joining Ruby on her first ever show are cool activist Charlotte (Patricia Allison) and aloof heartthrob Barney (Edward Bluemel). As she desperately tries to impress her guests, will her show Feminism In Your Ears convince them and her family that there’s there’s more to the millennial existence than just endlessly scrolling on Instagram?

Available on BBC iPlayer here.

Pictured: Barney (Edward Bluemel), Ruby (Phoebe Walsh) and Charlotte (Patricia Allison).


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