Interview: Lauren Socha On New Sitcom The Other One

Interview: Lauren Socha On New Sitcom The Other One

The Other One is a comedy about what happens when you discover your dead dad has a secret family and you now have a brand new sister.

It stars Siobhan Finneran (Downton Abbey, Happy Valley), Rebecca Front (The Thick of It, War and Peace), Ellie White (Inside No 9, The Windsors), Lauren Socha (Misfits, Catastrophe) and Amit Shah (Hospital People, Stag, W1A). Read an interview with Lauren Socha below.

Created and written by Holly Walsh (Motherland, Dead Boss) and Pippa Brown (Psychobitches, Bad Education).

The Other One, Fridays from June 5, 9pm, BBC One. 


What can you tell us about your character?

My character Cat is very funny, very outgoing, she’s very bubbly and she’s always trying to find a way to lighten up a very bad situation. 

What was the funniest moment during filming?

There was a scene with me and Ellie driving and instead of saying man she said marn and it doesn’t sound funny but at the time it was absolutely hilarious because it was the end of the day and you’re tired and anything can make you laugh. I was laughing so much and she was getting quite annoyed at me which made me laugh even more. Everyone got so pissed off with me and was telling me off, and the more they told me off the more I laughed.

Was there anyone you particularly loved acting alongside?

Caroline Quentin! I was her ‘baby’. We just had such a great relationship and she’s properly hilarious, brilliant. She’s such a legend her presence was so known on set.

What drew you to the project in the first place?

The casting director sort of pushed me into doing it but I’d just had a baby and I didn’t think I could do it, because I hadn’t done it for so long and I don’t think I am that funny. But I met Pippa at her flat and the more scenes I was reading and the more I improvised it into my own, I really built the character. And I just loved the script it’s wicked.

How similar are you to your character?

At the minute incredibly similar! I do make light of an incredibly bad situation, like I can’t dwell on things. I either laugh or cry and I think that’s what she’s like.

How would you react if you found yourself in the same situation?

I’d love it! I’d love to have a sister, I really would. I’d reach out and do anything I could to reach out and find that. Everyone wants a sister to have as a best mate, and luckily they are. 

What would your character be doing in lockdown? 

I think she’d probably be a DJ, have all the street dancing around and socially distancing.


Interview supplied by BBC. Pictures: BBC/Tiger Aspect



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