News: Global Comedy Marathon Announced

News: Online Cabaret Night Fronted By Jayde Adams


Jayde Adams and Maisie Adam (both pictured) are among the comedians taking part in a global comedy marathon this weekedend. The show will feature funny people from every continent and almost every time zone in the world.
The line-up also includes Dane Baptiste, Lauren Pattison, Yuriko Kotani, Stuart Goldsmith, Sarah Callaghan, Tiff Stevenson, Gavin Webster and Javier Jarquin. See below for further names.
“The lockdown and consequential self-isolation has been tough for many people across the globe,” says UK Comedian and host of the show, Nicky Wilkinson. “For comedians, the work completely stopped overnight; comedy clubs, theatres and arts centres shut and festivals were cancelled. It’s been a struggle to stay positive at times, I’ve had severe ups and downs and, like most who work in the arts, the occasional existential crisis, but when we had the idea for this show, I got my juices back. I’m excited that we’re bringing together such a talented bunch of humans, it’s reminded me that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel”.

The Lockdown Laughathon will be raising money via GoFundMe; half will be donated specifically to koalas via the International Fund for Animal Welfare and the other half will be given to the comedians on the show.

Anyone who’s ever put on a comedy show would know that trying to organise even five comedians is a tough job. Trying to organise 120 comedians from 30 different countries makes herding cats seem like a job for pre-schoolers. It’s a harebrained idea but Nicky and Mick are determined to pull it off.

“What we’re doing could be the greatest 24 hour live- streamed comedy show in the history of entertainment. At the very least it’ll be some very funny people having a chat while they watch us get really tired. There aren’t too many positives to a global pandemic but this show will be one of them”.

The Lockdown Laughathon kicks off at 12 noon Sunday 7 June (which we think is Sunday, 3am UK time) and continues live and uninterrupted until 12 noon Monday 8 June (Australian Eastern Standard Time), which should be 3am Monday UK time).


Facebook: - like the Facebook page for latest line-ups and links to Zoom and Twitch streams

GoFundMe: - raising money for comedians and koalas

Line up of acts from the UK or who live in the UK
4:40am - Gordon Southern (in Australia)
5:30am - Lloyd Langford (in Australia)
9:10am - Dan Willis (in Australia)
9:40am - Javier Jarquin
10:30am - Danny O’Brien
10:40am - Tony Cowards
12:10pm - Evelyn Mok
12:40pm - Chris Betts
1:00pm - Abandoman
1:10pm - Yuriko Kotani
1:30pm - Jayde Adams and Rich Wilson
2:00pm - Magician, Alan Hudson
2:10pm - Mary Bourke
2:20pm - Silky
2:40pm - Ro Campbell
3:10pm - Daphna Baram
3:20pm - Jayde Adams and Rich Wilson
3:30pm - Salmon King (Viggo Venn & Julia Masli with their new 'fake' Norwegian double act)
3:40pm - Emmanuel Sonubi
4:00pm - Glasgow comic, Obie
4:10pm - Lou Conran
4:20pm - Papa Cj
4:30pm - Troy Hawke
4:40pm - Matt Reed
5:20pm - Kate Lucas
5:30pm - Jack Gleadow
6:00pm - Maisie Adam
6:10pm - Markus Birdman
6:20pm - Rosie Jones
6:30pm - Ignacio Lopez (in Wales)
6:40pm - Sarah Callaghan
7:20pm - Mark Nelson
7:30pm - Stu Goldsmith
8:00pm - Stephen Bailey
8:10pm - George Zach
8:20pm - Lauren Pattison
8:30pm - Dane Baptiste
8:40pm - Thomas Green
9:00pm - Arielle Souma
9:10pm - Ray Bradshaw
9:20pm - MC Hammersmith
9:30pm - Tiff Stevenson
9:40pm - Micky Bartlett
10:00pm - Dana Alexander
10:10pm - Carey Marx
10:20pm - Susie McCabe
10:30pm - Andy Askins
10:40pm - Gavin Webster
11:00pm - Ryan Cullen
11:20pm - Jenny Collier
11:30pm - Eddy Brimson
11:40pm - Phil Nichol


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