News: Tim Vine Announces Major UK Tour

Tim Vine

Tim Vine has announced his first stand-up tour in four years. The punslinger is back with new jokes, silly songs and – as if that weren’t enough – twitchy dancing. It’s a case of joke, joke, joke, prop, prop, prop, song, song, song. The tour starts in Bristol, aptly, on April Fool's Day, 2015 and finishes in Southend on June 12.

It's time to put the satire on hold and watch a grown man act the goat, so come along and enjoy the nonsense. This show will contain wobbly props, one reference to a panda and a song about getting water in your ear after swimming.

 Tim Vine has established himself as the national cornerstone when it comes to quickfire witty wordplay. He is still the holder of the Guinness World Record with 499 jokes told in an hour.  

As well as success on a number of TV shows and starring roles in pantos, Vine has become a Fringe regular and national favourite and gone on to perform numerous sell-out tours and festivals in the UK and beyond. He has released DVDs such as Punslinger Live and Jokeamotive Live, and his vast wealth of material has been preserved in books such as The Biggest Ever Tim Vine Joke Book and The Tim Vine Bumper Book Of Silliness. 

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