News: New Podcast About Those Tweets We'd Rather Forget

News: New Podcast About Those Tweets We'd Rather Forget

Ever regretted a tweet?  Might Delete Later is the brand new podcast where sister power duo Gina Martin (activist and writer who made upskirting illegal) and Stevie Martin (writer, comedian and co-host of the hit Nobody Panic podcast) delve into the social media timelines of interesting people they know. What do they regret posting? What was their first ever post? And how has social media helped or hindered them.

Guests over series one of  Might Delete Later include body positivity campaigner  Megan Crabbe (aka bodyposipanda), model, activist and actor  Jamie Windust, best-selling author and QI elf  Andrew Hunter Murray and award-winning comedians  Rose Matafeo,  Nish Kumar and  Phil Wang.

Gina Martin said: ‘I worked in social media during my career in advertising, I ran my political campaign with it, and I have fun and learn on it every single day. But I do have a complex relationship with it, like everyone else. This podcast makes me feel less alone in that… and it’s a right laugh looking at old posts!’

Stevie Martin said: ‘I hate social media, but am absolutely addicted to and fascinated by it – looking at people’s first ever tweets is my favourite part because they’re just so pure. And embarrassing.’

Might Delete Later launches on Thursday 21st May on: 


Picture: Joe Magowan


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