Video: Rex & Sandra Starring Dave Spikey & Janice Connolly

Video: Rex & Sandra Starring Dave Spikey & Janice Connolly

This morning it was announced that the BBC is to re-make Alan Bennett's classic Talking Heads monologues with a new all-star cast. There was a bit of a Twitter fuss when I posted the news, with Jenny Eclair and others arguing that the BBC should be commissioning new writers now more than ever. Well maybe if they did they could get writer MJ Price on board. Price has already written this lovely little lockdown two-hander which has an echo of Bennett (via Victoria Wood), with its references to mooching about and panic buying Toffos.

Dave Spikey and Janice Connolly play Rex and Sandra, trying to pass the time in lockdown. In the first episode they are playing Guess Who? but Sandra doesn't seem to have grasped the rules: "Are they celebrating their thirtieth wedding anniversary?" Watch and enjoy.


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