News: Micky Flanagan's Out Out Routine Gets A Lockdown Tribute From Fans

News: Micky Flanagan's Out Out Routine Gets a Lockdown Tribute From Fans

At a time when it is almost impossible to go out, it seems only fitting that Micky Flanagan's classic "Out Out" routine has become a viral online hit all over again.

Only this time there is a difference. Fans have been lip-syncing his riff about how there are different levels of going out and putting the results on the Tik Tok social media platform.

So far there have been nearly 4000 versions with people doing their take on: "We drink so much we have different levels. Different types....three hours later you're still in the pub...You've popped out, you've ended up out, you might as well come out out...five hours later you're in some horrendous nightclub..."

Most of them have been recorded in living rooms. You can see ome examples by clicking on the links below. The nearest anyone has got to going out out is filming it outside in their garden... 



And here below is the Micky Flanagan original...



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