Interview: Paul Chuckle On Staying In The Marigold Hotel

Interview: Paul Chuckle On Staying In The Marigold Hotel

What was the most memorable part of the experience?

The most memorable part of the experience to me was sharing it with such great guys and living amongst such lovely people.

What surprised you the most?

What surprised me most was how hot it was. No, it was how totally friendly everyone we met was, so nice.

What was your role within the group?

I just got on with everyone… I was a bit of a follower really but made some great bonds while we were there. Duncan is such a great guy and will always be a mate. John Altman, we’ve done pantomime together and have been friends for a long time as will my friendship with the old bean himself Henry Blofeld. When I first met him that voice of his.... worldwide known, lovely man. All the girls were also very friendly and I have been invited to Zandra’s home in California when I’m next there.

Did the experience allow you time to reflect?

The experience is something so different you can’t explain. Makes you realise how lucky we are really to be here in the UK. Not a lot of money out there and it’s too hot for comfort but still very relaxing.

Did you learn anything about yourself?

Yes, I love the sun but not that hot. Spent a very relaxing night in a retirement resort which was out of this world, but the social get together there was not for me I’m afraid. You need to watch this bit to see what I mean.

Would you return to India?

Yes definitely. Such a friendly nation and your money goes a long, long way.

Tell us about one of your adventures…

Henry and I did a few things together out there. Batong (that’s what they called it, I called it boules) we played with locals and twice to yoga. Henry had trouble sleeping out there but while we were in the middle of a Yoga session he dropped off and was snoring soundly. So funny at the time.

The Real Marigold Hotel starts on Thursday, 30 April at 9pm, BBC One.

Interview supplied by BBC


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