News: Lost Voice Guy Becomes Misplaced Voice Man

Lost Voice Guy Lee Ridley Gets His Geordie Accent

Sometimes a news website gets a story right. Sometimes it almost gets a story right. A report on the website Newstrace about what has happened to previous talent show winners got it hilariously wrong when it told the story of Lee Ridley, better known as Lost Voice Guy, who won Britain's Got Talent in June 2018.

The story got the gist of his biography correct but got some crucial details wrong. It call Ridley 'Misplaced Voice Man' and called his autobiography I'm Solely In It For The Parking rather than I'm Only In It For The Parking.

The article also referred to the incident during the competition when Ridley tripped and injured his head and nearly turned into what he described as "Lost Balance Guy". In the article it said: "I used to be simply preparing to have a good time within the lodge bar after I tripped over skinny air and landed on my face. For a number of moments, Misplaced Voice Man grew to become Misplaced Steadiness Man."

Somehow something was lost in translation.

Lost Voice Guy certainly saw the funny side, tweeting: "I thought I'd heard every variation possible.....I was very wrong......"


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