Video: New Short Films From David Mills

Comedian David Mills has released three short videos with an all-star comedy cast.

We’ve all met ‘that guy.’  Harmless but odd, funny yet slightly unsettling, entertaining and annoying all at the same time.  At work, at the gym, at a party – it’s not a social gathering without ‘that guy.’

In these clips, directed by Katie Pesskin, Mills draws from his award-winning stand-up to create ‘that guy’ – an all too familiar misfit at a summer drinks party.  Funny and relatable, each clip depicts that guy -- who seems normal at first - trapping unsuspecting party guests in increasingly surreal conversations.

Harmless chit-chat quickly takes a turn as that guy reveals himself to be slightly manic and possibly unhinged.  Tension rise as the moment becomes almost unbearably awkward until that guy finally exits the scene as suddenly as he arrived, leaving relieved party guests confused and slightly shaken.  ‘Who was that guy?’ they ask after every interaction. 

Co-starring Joe Sutherland, Beth Vyse, Thaniya Moore, Sukh Ojla, Rose Johnson and Daniel Cook.

Watch episode one of That Guy below.


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