News: Daniel Sloss Becomes A Marvel Hero

News: Daniel sloss Becomes A Marvel Superhero

Comedian Daniel Sloss has been made into a superhero as part of Marvel's Make Me A Hero digital series.

The acclaimed stand-up is a long-time fan of Marvel and has been known to unwind by playing their games. When he was growing up he became a huge devotee of Spiderman and says that he has watched every single superhero movie that has come out: "They are everywhere, I don't think I'll ever get bored with it."

When asked by Marvel what kind of superhero he would be he imagined a Wolverine-type figure, a "short, stout, angry man with swords for hands." 

Artist Logan Lubera sketched him and came up with the image of Sloss as a muscular, sword-wielding warrior sporting blue and white warpaint in the colours of the Scottish flag. "The simplicity of blue and white makes me feel inherently Scottish," said Sloss. And he had to wear a kilt of course. But Sloss declined to say if his superhero was from a particular clan. "He's the defender of Scotland. If you are good he'll stand up for you. He doesn't represent one, he represents all." 

When he saw the results Sloss said: "I'm welling up with national pride on the inside."

News about Daniel Sloss' August shows in Edinburgh and tour dates here.

Portrait: Troy Edige

Superhero picture: Marvel

Watch how Daniel Sloss became a Marvel hero and see the results below.


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