News: Marathon Session Of Interactive Comedy Show For Charity

NewS: Marathon Two Days Gig Raises Over £18,000

Multi-media performer John Robertson is to host a marathon session of his anarchic, interactive, live-action videogame comedy The Dark Room.

Robertson says that he usually only works an hour each nigh, which is nothing compared to the shifts currently being worked by NHS staff dealing with coronavirus and mental health workers helping process the fallout from a world pandemic.

So over Easter weekend 2020, in honour of the doctors, nurses, support workers and admin staff pulling 12 hour shifts, and the emotional labour done by their families Robertson will do 48 hours of The Dark Room.

The event, from 11am on April 10 to 11am on April 12, will be hosted on – anyone with an internet connection can come and play the world’s largest live-action videogame – and donate money to NHS Charities Together and MIND - the mental health charity.

Get in the chat and pick options of the screen to go on a massive interactive adventure that involves crap prizes, special guests and getting roasted by an increasingly exhausted man pretending he’s a videogame boss. Robertson says: “It’s a stupid idea for an excellent cause.”


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