Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Rachel Parris

rachel parris

Previews are a chance for performers to try things out that may not make the final cut. They should not put pressure on performers. That’s why critics do not tend to be invited. Rachel Parris is doing her very first preview tonight at the Pleasance, so it hard to predict what state it will be in. In the past I’ve seen performers using notes and overrunning, using notes and finishing early and not using notes and being rubbish. I’m expecting great things from the versatile Parris though. She is a rising star of the musical comedy scene and is also making a name for herself as an actor. She is part of the Austentatious ensemble and has also appeared in the IT Crowd, though I suspect she may currently be attracting a lot of new fans as a co-presenter of Thronecast, Sky Atlantic’s fan companion series to Game of Thrones. This live show, however, sounds like it steers clear of Throne-land – instead Rachel Parris: Live In Vegas takes a swipe at the glitz and glamour of Vegas and features new characters and new songs. Well, that's the plan anyway.

Rachel Parris is at the Edinburgh Pleasance from July 30 - August 25. Tickets here.

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