News: Full Series For Ellie & Natasia and Lazy Susan And More Famalam

BBC Comedy has announced two brand new sketch show series and one returning series.

Following their critically acclaimed pilots last year for BBC Three, both Ellie & Natasia and Lazy Susan will return for a full series run. Also, Famalam, the comedy sketch show where no area of the universe is off limits, will return later this year for a third series with a brand new addition to the cast in Danielle Vitalis (pictured, solo).

Both Ellie & Natasia and Lazy Susan are the creations of female comedy duos; Ellie & Natasia is the work of Ellie White (The Windsors, Pls Like, The Other One) and Natasia Demetriou (Stath Lets Flats, What We Do In The Shadows), and Lazy Susan comes from the minds of Freya Parker (The Mash Report, Mister Winner) and Celeste Dring (This Country, The Windsors). 

Ellie & Natasia was a Slice (formerly known as Comedy Feeds) for BBC Three in 2019, and follows in the footsteps of many other Slices that have gone on to become big hits such as People Just Do Nothing, Man Like Mobeen, A Brief History of Tim, Josh and the upcoming In My Skin.

Lazy Susan was a Comedy Short for iPlayer and BBC Two and follows in the footsteps of Spencer Jones’s The Mind of Herbert Clunkerdunk, as well as two upcoming shows; Mandy from Diane Morgan and Out Of Her Mind from Sara Pascoe, in being given a full series.

Famalam started life as a New On Two and has given us Motherland, Johnny Vegas’s Home From Home and The Other One which will launch later this year. 

Shane Allen, Controller of BBC Comedy Commissioning, says: “The UK has a long and rich history of multi-character sketch comedy; these new shows carry that flame at a time when we need comedy to burn bright. The talents involved celebrate all that is wonderful about the British spirit and character to demonstrate that laughter really is the best medicine.” 

Fiona Campbell, Controller of BBC Three, says: “BBC Three has always been a channel that places huge value in nurturing new talent so we’re really happy that we’re taking Ellie & Natasia and Lazy Susan, two comedies from female comedy voices, to series. Famalam has been a huge hit for us, both on iPlayer and on social, and we’re looking forward to seeing what comes next from these unique, comedy talents.” 

Ellie & Natasia is a sketch show series written and performed by triple threats Ellie White and Natasia Demetriou. It’s a show that gives voice to characters like the active-wear mums and thick as pigs Trustafarians, as well as original takes on current pop trends and anxiety. It's the perfect sketch show for anyone that shares their passion for coffee and snakes.

Ellie & Natasia said: “In the midst of a pandemic the humble sketch is a shining light of hope and we are happy and honoured to be those torch bearers, with love Ellie and Natasia."

Harry Hill, executive producer, says: “Thrilled to hear that the BBC have rewarded the best new British double act since Vic and Bob with a series." 

Ellie & Natasia is a Nit Television Production for BBC Three. The producer is Olly Cambridge, the director is Andrew Gaynord. The executive producers are Harry Hill, Mobashir Dar and Danielle Lux. The commissioning editor for the BBC is Alex Moody. Ellie & Natasia was commissioned by Shane Allen, Controller of BBC Comedy commissioning and Fiona Campbell, Controller of BBC Three. 

Lazy Susan, from comedy duo Freya Parker and Celeste Dring, will be bursting back onto screens after their wonderful debut last year. Expect more of their razor-sharp yet fully idiotic comedy, where recognisable characters rub up against dark observation. Surreal moments will be punctuated by astute insights into what it means to be a woman in 2020; parties, pressure, contouring and, of course, fear!

There’ll be more from some of the best loved characters from the short, including Megan and Michaela, who still just “don't want any drama tonight”, and many all-new creations of relatable, smart and surprising sketches.

Sharply written and full of joy, Lazy Susan will be an even bigger platform to house moments of variety, ambitious originality and above all hilarity, all brought together by Freya and Celeste playing versions of themselves in a friendship we’re invited to join.

Freya and Celeste said: “We are so grateful to the BBC for letting us stage our radical re-imagining of Hamlet on Ice.” 

Amy Annette and Katie Churchill, producers for Tiger Aspect, added: “We were so thrilled by the reaction to the short from comedy fans, comedians and commenters online. So it’s our great joy to be bringing more of Freya and Celeste’s idiotic genius to BBC Three.” 

Damian Kavanagh, Managing Director for Tiger Aspect, said: “We were so pleased to be a part of Freya and Celeste’s first TV commission as Lazy Susan, and to now work with them to bring this Lazy Susan sketch show to series on BBC Three. Tiger Aspect has built a reputation of being a home for brilliant talent to find their TV feet, and of working with that talent throughout their career – we can’t wait to be making shows with Freya and Celeste for years to come.”

Lazy Susan is a Tiger Aspect (part of Endemol Shine UK) production for BBC Three. The executive producer is Damian Kavanagh, and the producers are Amy Anette and Katie Churchill. The commissioning editor for the BBC is Alex Moody. Lazy Susan was commissioned by Shane Allen, Controller of BBC Comedy commissioning and Fiona Campbell, Controller of BBC Three.

Famalam spawned popular characters such as the warring aunties, Nigerian philanthropist Prince Alyusi, the Turf War gangs and many more. The show makes a welcome return later this year for a third series. Vivienne Acheampong, Samson Kayo, Gbemisola Ikumelo, John Macmillan and Tom Moutchi return with new cast member Danielle Vitalis.

Danielle says: “What a wonderful experience to be able to play in so many different worlds that are all so familiar to me and my peers. Best job ever!”



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