News: New Album From Comedian Ben Norris

News: New Album From Comedian Ben Norris

Ben Norris is not the first comedian who also rather considers himself to be something of a musician. You can often catch him doing songs onstage at venues such as the Comedy Store which is one of the comedy clubs - remember those? – where he comperes. And now he has done something more about scratching that musical itch, releasing the album Moral Vacuum, 12 songs which combine appealingly infectious melodies with wryly comic lyrics. Ducks, for example, chides people for feeding bread to our beaky friends. Not just ordinary slices from a loaf, don't even think about offering them ciabatta.

This labour of love has been made with the help of experienced musician/producer Jamie Freeman, who is Norris' cousin and played for a while with the band Frazier Chorus with his brother Tim Freeman (there is also another brother called Martin Freeman who is some kind of actor I gather). 

Listen or Buy Moral Vacuum here.

For a taste of the album watch Norris performing America Is Mental at the Comedy Store below.



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