Review: This Country BBC One/BBC Three – Final Episode

Review: This Country BBC One/BBC Three – Final Episode

And so the third and final series of This Country bows out in style. There was always a risk that the third run would see the quality drop off, but it ends as strongly as it began. And actually, unusually for a sitcom where the key is that things never change, there is a significant change here.

When Reverend Seaton (Paul Chahidi) finally reveals to Kurtan (Charlie Cooper) and Kerry (Daisy Cooper) that he is leaving to take up a post in Bristol, to say that they don't take it well is an understatement. "That seems utter madness to me," says a painfully naive but genuinely hurt Kurtan, suggesting that it would have been better if the Reverend had told them he would leave one day the first time he met them.

Kerry meanwhile responds by resigning in a huff from the Harvest Festival team. Until that is, the Lord of the Harvest Festival has to step down for inappropriate behaviour and Reverend Seaton offers Kerry his job. Naturally she embraces her new role, collecting tinned food and electrical goods from neighbours, possibly by being slightly menacing.

But will the vicar really leave? There's an echo of the final episode of Father Ted when Ted lands a job in America but innocent Dougal and co can't quite believe it. Kerry and Kurtan hatch a plan to persuade the vicar to stay and at the same time when he realises the harsh realities of the mean streets of Bristol he has second thoughts himself. So will he remain in the village in the end? It's probably best that you see how this plays out for yourselves. Needless to say it is beautifully sad, beautifully heartbreaking and beautifully written by Charlie and Daisy Cooper.

Watch the whole series on BBC iPlayer here.

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