Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Mark Watson

Mark Watson

Mark Watson is either an Edinburgh Festival legend or an obsessive nutjob. Or maybe both. He is famous for his marathon shows lasting more than a day that have pushed his stand-up stamina to the absolute limit. He has also been involved in Fringe cult curiosities such as the quiz We Need Answers and the site specific piece The Hotel. But, lest we forget, Watson also does proper conventional shows with proper conventional jokes about the odd things that happen to him or the odd things that he sees at railways stations. He can turn intelligent befuddlement into an art form. He also writes pretty neat novels (here's a link for his latest). Watson is back at the Fringe this year doing, as far as we can ascertain, a relatively normal one hour show, entitled Flaws and threatening to be his "darkest, most personal show yet". But with Watson something special is never far away – he vowed he would never do extended gigs again but then did a 25-hour epic for Comic Relief last year. This preview, however, will last just an hour. Also warming up for the Fringe at the Invisible Dot tonight is Oscar Jenkyn-Jones. And between the shows there are free burgers. Hopefully they will be warmed up too. 

Mark Watson is at the Pleasance Courtyard from July 30 - August 24. Tickets here.

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