Review: Sex Education, Netflix

Review: Sex Education, Netflix

The second series of the sparky school comedy starts off with Otis finally mastering the art of masturbation. And it turns out that for Otis wanking is a bit like Pringles. Once you've popped you can't stop. which is a bit of a problem when you get the urge while waiting in your mum's car in the local supermarket car park and your mum returns at the wrong moment. Let's just call the new series the second coming. And the third. And the fourth...

The makers have gathered together some great comedy talent to write the new series. Comedians Mawaan Rizwan, Rosie Jones and Richard Gadd are among the names, though the first episode is credited to Laurie Nunn. As well as the masturbation storyline Nunn introduces the problem of a chlamidyia outbreak at Moordale High, prompting an outbreak of paranoia, medical face masks and lots of finger-pointing.

Sex Education is an intriguing series. At a glance it looks like an American campus comedy, with Moordale High's school logo looking like something straight out of Glee. And for a show that is filmed in the UK it is sunnier than any UK-based school series I can recall. Grange Hill it ain't. Maybe Skins a little bit. Everyone is way too good looking too. It's more like Ferris Bueller's Day Off-meets-The Wonder Years with added sexually transmitted diseases.

But the scripts are sharp, the action moves along briskly and it quickly draws you in. And it is never not good to see Gillian Anderson in action as Otis' mum, sex therapist Dr Jean F Milburn. Though it gets a bit complicated when she starts dating the father of Otis' girlfriend Ola (Patricia Allison). Then again, if you think that is problematic, spare a thought for Otis (Asa Butterfield), who somehow seems able to get it up 24/7 – except when he is in bed with Ola. Unless he can sort himself out maybe it won't even be the first coming for him with Ola after all. 

Sex Education is now available on Netflix.

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