TV Review: The Tuckers, BBC One Wales, iPlayer, Episode Two

TV Review: The Tuckers, BBC One Wales, Episode Two

The second episode of this new comedy set in the Welsh valleys finds the working class Tucker family trying to offload a shedload of hooky Chateauneuf-du-Pap. Surely it'll be a doddle making a few quid out of this cheap-as-chips posh plonk.

But, of course, in sitcomland things are never that simple. Nobody wants to buy it and when they do shift it and toast their success with one of the bottles they've kept for themselves they realise why. It's more like vinegar than vintage wine, and, too make matters worse, they've sold the rest to a local villain with some big mates and a violent streak. And he's on his way over...

If this kind of plot hasn't cropped up in Only Fools and Horses or some other sitcom I'd be surprised. It's something of an overfamiliar enduring dim-but-nice-lads-in-danger narrative. But it is played out well by star and writer Steve Speirs as benefit-claiming, mobility scooter-riding Glyn and the rest of the cartoonish cast.

Matriarch Peggy (Lynn Hunter) dons her this-means-business shawl to go out and do her bit to flog the booze but ends up on a mini-lash with Natalie (Alexandria Riley) next door. Grampa Murphy (Robert Pugh), who seems to live in the outside toilet, threatens Glyn with his shotgun if it goes pear-shaped - he isn't going to shoot him though, just ram the rifle up where the sun doesn't shine. Not that it seems to shine much at all around these parts judging by the slate grey leaden skies.

This is not a bad show and the second episode is more out-and-out funnier than the first. It could just do with more of an original twist. It doesn't help that the two sons Billy (Joshua McCord) and Bobby (Ben McGregor) seems so similar to Conor and Jock in Young Offenders, right down to their sports gear and ridiculous get rich quick schemes. 

The Tuckers, BBC One Wales, Fridays, 9.30pm. Episode two goes out on January 17. Full series is now available online for anyone to watch at iPlayer here.


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