News: Lost Apple In Big Apple? Josh Widdicombe's Laptop Goes Missing In New York

Comedian Josh Widdicombe has lost his laptop shortly after arriving in New York.

He posted the bad news on his Instagram account alongside a picture of himself with his index finger pointing up in front of a shot of Manhattan. "Hands up anyone who left their laptop in a taxi within an hour of landing in New York @ Newyork Apple Store."

Friends were quick to offer advice or simply tease the Last Leg lynchpin. Comedian Tiffany Stevenson, who has been gigging in America recently said: "I’m in town! I’ll let you know if I find it".

Nathaniel Metcalfe wrote: "You’ll have to go to the BIG APPLE store".

Widdicombe will be back in the UK later this month to resume his Bit Much tour from January 25. Dates here.

Picture: Instagram


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