News: Nish Kumar Heckled At Charity Lunch

News: Nish Kumar Booed At Charity Lunch

Comedian Nish Kumar reportedly had a bread roll thrown at him during an appearance at The Lord's Taverners' Christmas Lunch at the Grosvenor House in Park Lane. 

According to reports his material about Boris Johnson and Brexit did not go down very well with the crowd at the charity event. 

Tickets for the event were £149 and Kumar, who appeared following an appearance from Harry Redknapp, had been billed as ‘undoubtedly the UK’s hottest comedian’.  

Kumar repsonded on Twitter: "In my defence, it was only one bread roll and it missed me".

While some people have criticised Kumar on social media, others have supported him and criticsed the behaviour of some of the people in the audience. BBC Breakfast DJ Greg James, who was present tweeted: "Because I’m seeing some inaccurate press reports, I’d just like to say that the treatment of @MrNishKumar by some members of the crowd at the @LordsTaverners fundraising Christmas lunch yesterday was appalling. It’s a charity I was proud to be an ambassador of and the work they do with disadvantaged young people is extraordinary. But yesterday served as a timely reminder that disagreeing with someone doesn’t mean you have the right to abuse them verbally or physically. I was devastated for Nish (who gave his time for free). I was embarrassed to be there. On an afternoon that was supposed to be about kindness, there was a distinct lack of it in the room."

Cricketer Mike Selvey tweeted: "Disgraceful behaviour in response to Nish Kumar set at Lord's Taverners Xmas lunch, a charity event."

Nish Kumar added today: "Someone from @BBCFrontRow just contacted me about doing an interview about the “politics of comedians doing corporates” because of what happened last night. Just to be clear, it was an unpaid charity. I had bread thrown at me doing an unpaid charity gig. What a life."

The story gathered pace and for a while he was trending on Twitter to which he responded: "I understand I’m trending because someone threw bread at me. Anyway please donate to @chooselove & vote out the bread throwers on December 12th."

Picture: Idil Sukan


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