News: Andrew Maxwell Leaves The Jungle

News: Andrew Maxwell Leaves The Jungle

Comedian Andrew Maxwell is the second celebrity to leave the jungle in this year's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here. 

The award-winning stand-up comedian was voted out of the ITV show on Sunday night.

He had made a good impression in the camp but had also clashed with former footballer Ian Wright. Maxwell said that the problem was that their personalities were too similar.

“I love the man,” he told Ant and Dec. “We’re really similar. Everybody is a family man or a family woman, but I think both of us had the same level and got on the same rhythm of being down and missing our families at the exact same time. But there was never even a moment of personal animosity, there was a huge amount of affection – what’s not to love about the man?”

He also talked about the long hours with nothing to do in the camp. He had passed the time by counting the trees. 

In better news for fans of comedy and reality TV South Shields stand-up Chris Ramsey made it into the Strictly Come Dancing semi-finals earlier in the evening. Details here.


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