News: Charlie Brooker Guests In Simpsons

News: Charlie Brooker Guests In Simpsons

Black Mirror writer Charlie Brooker has appeared in The Simpsons' Thanksgiving Of Horror episode.

Earlier this year Simpsons executive producer Mat Selman tweeted: "Hey Charlie, we'd love to have you do a voice on a Black Mirror-ish episode of the Simpsons. We're super fans & we'd love to have you in the show (PS, this is real.)"

Brooker took them up on the offer and recorded the episode, which aired last Sunday. The writer tweeted the news with an extra teaser for Black Mirror fans. "Well IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED - the episode airs in the US this Sunday. And it’s bloody GREAT and I’m not just saying that because it’s also got a bunch of Black Mirror Easter eggs in it."

In one segment, which echoes the Black Mirror episode White Christmas, Homer buys an A.I. device to help Marge to make Thanksgiving dinner. But the device has an A.I version of Marge with all her memories inside it, which gradually takes over from the real Marge.

Thre is also a scene where Mayor Quimby stands next to a pig with his pants down, referencing the first episode of Black Mirror, where the PM is forced to have sex with a pig on TV. In another scene a “San Junipero” poster can be seen on the dining room wall

The episode's writer Dan Vebber has explained some of the references here.

The episode will hopefully air in the UK in 2020.



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