News: Tour Dates For Tom Houghton

News: Tour Dates For Tom Houghton

“The Honourable” Tom Houghton is going on tour. Whether it’s growing up with a father who happens to be the Ex-Chief of Defence Staff, residing in the Tower of London (still his current home) or lifting the lid on the all-boys boarding school environment, his tales will fascinate and make you think. Tom finally brings these stories and more to a town near you on his first ever UK tour. The Honour tour starts on 19th May at London’s 2 Northdown and culminates on 14th June at Crawley’s Hawth Studio. 

This show is an amalgamation of his first three shows and will cover topics including: 

Military – The show explores the challenges of growing up in a military family and the barrack lifestyle. It will also document Tom’s father’s rise through the ranks, from overseeing the troubles in Northern Ireland to his eventual assentation to Chief of Defence staff, the professional head of the entire British military.

Aristocracy - Upon his father’s retirement from the military came a Lordship. As a result, Tom received the title of “The Honourable”. This allowed a rare look behind the curtain of a world known by so few. Inhabited by larger than life characters, hilarious mis-adventures and a discovery that true honour often lies where you’d least expect.

The Tower of London – For the past 3 years Tom has lived with his father in our country’s most notorious palace and prison. Beefeaters, ravens, ceremonies and ghosts are all factors you have to deal with while still trying to live a young, playboy lifestyle and carve your own path or else risk being held captive forever.

All-boys boarding school – Tom was sent to boarding school from the age of 6. Exploring the psychological impact separation from family can have on children at such a young age, this show lifts the lid on the inner workings of these institutes of privilege. Tom questions the role of boarding schools in modern society and exposes the shortcomings of the leaders it produces. 

Tom has previously sold out three consecutive Edinburgh Fringe solo shows, has starred on Comedy Central’s ‘Roast Battle’ and on Channel 4’s First Dates Hotel, Having wowed audiences across the globe in New Zealand, Australian, South Africa, the Middle East and triple appearances at the prestigious Montreux festival, he is now supporting Milton Jones on his 66 date tour.

Tom has donated 4 tickets per show to tickets for the troops:

Click here for tour dates. 


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