TV: Vic & Bob's Big Night Out, BBC4

TV: Vic & Bob's Big Night Out, BBC4

Vic and Bob's return to the Big Night Out format on BBC4 seems to have invigorated them. In the first show of the second four-part run there are moments that are every bit as funny as their early 1990s C4 glory days.

That's mainly because those moments are pretty much exactly the same as their early 1990s C4 glory days. It's a delight to see that they've dusted off Judge Nutmeg and the Wheel of Justice and have barely made any attempt to update the template, simply charging someone with fannying about in a chutney factory this time rather than fannying about on a yacht.

There's also a priceless "Oh Vic I've fallen" moment and Bob Mortimer trying to recreate a 1980s synth pop vibe, although looking more On The Buses than Berlin nightclub in his peaked cap and leather waistcoat. It's a classic throwback to his old Rick Astley impression as well as a throwback to Morecambe and Wise every time Vic interrupts.

Some wonderful inventive new skits too are in the mix too. From an ad for Jeremy Paxman's latest album ("Summer Bitchin' Bongos") to their Ghost Hunters sketch in which they accidentally summon up the moustache of a dead pop star. 

There's also some lovely slapstick, some excellent visual effects and the duo following up their previous song about tony eyes with one about another shrunken facial feature. It's hit and miss of course, but way more hit than miss.

As their latest sidekick Vaun Earl Norman says before trying to flog them a cheap caravan holiday ("David Coverdale has pencilled it in for six weeks"), they are essentially messing about, telling jokes and having a daft laugh. And there is absolutely nowt wrong with that. 

Vic & Bob's Big Night Out, Wednesdays at 10pm from November 27, BBC4

Picture: BBC/Guy Levy



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