News: Al Murray Urges People To Sign Up to Blood Stem Cell Register

News: Al Murray Urges People To Sign Up to Blood Stem Cell Register

Comedian Al Muuray is urging people to sign up to the blood stem cell register after his six-year old nephew was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of childhood leukaemia.

"Finley has this very rare form of blood cancer and he needs a blood stem cell transfusion, that's the only cure, " said Murray on ITV1's Good Morning Britain.

He is currently being treated in Great Ormond Street Hospital. "I can't imagine what his mum and dad are going through."

Murray explained that the process of registering is quick and simple: "If you are 17 - 55 you are eligible. I'm 51 and a schlub and I'm eligible. I'm the opposite of someone who runs marathons.  It's not intrusive, it's like picking your nose or cleaning your teeth. They send you a kit, just rub swabs round inside your cheek and send them back and you are on the database. And then if the day comes and you are a match they get in touch and say they need your help."

500,000 people in the UK are on the register but the more people they have the more there is a chance of a match. "There definitely is someone out there who is a match." added Murray. "Even if we don't find a match for Finley we might find a match for someone."

Apply for a kit here. Over 55s are not eligible but they can still make a donation.

Al Murray explains what you have to do below





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