News: Jimmy Carr & Jo Brand Take On Smart Children In Christmas Quiz

Four famous faces are pitched against four of the most formidable competitors in a battle to see who is the brightest in a special festive edition of Child Genius,

Last year comedian and Team Captain Jimmy Carr led the celebrities to victory against the children for the very first time.  This year he’s back, leading the celebrity team in a bid to defend the title.  Joining him are comedian Jo Brand, TV presenter Richard Bacon and radio host Vick Hope.   

The celebrities have the daunting task of taking on 10 year old memory and spelling whizz, Dan, 12 year old Fabio, a Latin scholar and chess champion, and Rahul and Nishi, two teenagers with IQs higher than Einstein.

It’s set to be an epic battle, but there can only be one winner. 

Child Genius Vs Celebrities Christmas Special will air on C$ over Christmas

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