Radio Review: Little Brexit, Radio 4

Radio Review: Little Brexit, Radio 4

I’m not sure if they said it would never happen, but it didn’t seem likely to happen. Yet Brexit may not have brought the country together but it did bring Matt Lucas and David Walliams back together for a special one-off Little Britain reunion 20 years after their Radio 4 debut, complete with numerous familiar characters, old cast members and the booming voice of Tom Baker bellowing “Everybody loves Brexit”.

I’m sure a lot of effort went into the script but in some ways elements of this wrote themselves. Vicky Pollard gave us a brief history of the EU, explaining that French kissing was no longer allowed and that “Joris Bonson” couldn’t make up his mind. That’s right, he was “yeah, but no, but yeah.”

In some ways it was often a case of fitting a Brexit storyline around familiar catchphrases or tweaking those catchphrases to make them topical. So Dennis Waterman wanted to sing the feem tune and write the feem tune for a Brexit drama starring Jimmy Nail as David Cameron. While permagrump travel agent Carol as unable to send any tourists to Europe, because “Brexit says no.” 

Elsewhere Lou and Andy pitched up in a charity shop where David Cameron’s book was going for 5p – which made it cheaper than bog roll. And Dafydd was trying out Grindr but not having much luck. 

There were moments when one had to use one’s imagination and maybe is as better that one could add one's own images. Supersnob Maggie projectile vomited but we only got sound effects, no visuals. The news that she had had a heart transplant and received the heart of a Remainer almost killed her off.

And then there was Walliams’ faithful ministerial retainer Sebastian, dreaming of copping off with his beloved PM played by Anthony Head. Sadly it was only a dream, unlike Brexit which feels more like a waking nightmare.

We were spared anything too offensive – this was Radio 4 at 6.30pm after all – and despite a backlash in some quarters it felt good to have the duo back. But maybe a one-off is enough. Unless Brexit hasn’t been sorted in another twenty years. Then we might be ready to have them back again. 

Listen on BBC Sounds here.



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