News: Dave Gorman Fan Is Late For His Gig

News: Dave Gorman Fan Is Late For His Gig

Touring comedians have probably seen it all in their time on the road, but Dave Gorman had an unusual experience at his gig last night at the Dome in Doncaster.

After performing his With Great Powerpoint Comes Great Responsibilitypoint show, Gorman went to meet his fans and saw someone in the queue who he recognised because he had been sitting in the front row. 

"Grey hair. Mid fifties. He had a plastic bag-for-life with him," Gorman explains. "The venue was just across the road from a big Asda and it looked like he’d grabbed a bit of shopping before the show. The shape of it made me think he’d bought a posh bottle of whisky - the sort that comes in a nice sturdy, cylindrical, cardboard sleeve."

It turned out, however, to be something very different to a single malt. The fan had bought tickets to the show for him and his Dad and this is what he told the check-shirted comedian: “Sadly my father passed away before today. But I decided to still come. And I decided to bring him as well."'

It wasn't a bottle of whisky. As one fan @lucitelu suggested on Twitter, it was "a bottle of pop".

Dave Gorman's tour continues. Dates here.

And his new TV show Dave Gorman: Terms and Conditions Apply* Starts Monday 21st October at 10pm on Dave. 





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