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News: Tour for Angelos Epithemiou

Angelos Epithemiou Listings:


30/10/19             LONDON, Soho Theatre                       

31/10/19             LONDON, Soho Theatre                       

01/11/19             LONDON, Soho Theatre                       

02/11/19             LONDON, Soho Theatre                       

10/11/19             BRISTOL, Bristol Improv Theatre      

11/11/19             CARDIFF, Glee                                          

23/11/19             DARLINGTON, The Hullabaloo           

25/11/19             MANCHESTER, XS Malarkey                  

26/11/19             YORK, Basement                                     

27/11/19             LEICESTER, Firebug                                

28/11/19             BLACKPOOL, The Comedy Station    



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