News: Josh Widdicombe's Youngest Fan?

Live Review: Josh Widdicombe, Sindhu Vee, Lou Sanders, John Robins, Greenwich Comedy Festival

Josh Widdicombe had an unusually young fan at his Nottingham gig on Saturday night.

He explained what happened on a Twitter thread: "Amazing scenes at last night’s tour show in Nottingham. In the first half I thought I could hear crying but thought nothing of it and presumed someone just had a weird laugh. Or one of those classic haunted theatres.

Then I heard it again at the start of the second half and someone in the circle revealed they had brought a one year old to the show!

I should say at this point I do worry a lot of the material would have gone over her head, she isn’t going to remember pagers let alone enjoy a routine about them.

They revealed that Baby Felicity had been brought along because their babysitter was ill. When I asked how they got her into the gig they revealed the venue had simply charged them an extra quid!

She struggled to sleep in the first half of the show but, in what I am taking as a lukewarm review, she managed to get some shut eye through the second half. Which I actually think is the stronger half, but you can’t please everyone.

If anyone was sat near Felicity or if her parents are following me, can I just check that I didn’t imagine the whole thing? Also, would love to know if she has seen any other comedians or if she is just a particular fan of me? I really do cross demographics. #findbabyfelicity."

Josh Widdicombe has just extended his tour into 2020. Full dates and details here.


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