News: Live Python Movie

The final Monty Python show at the O2 Arena in London on July 20 will also be broadcast as it happens in cinemas around the world. More than 450 cinemas across the UK will take the live broadcast. 

There was huge demand for tickets for the first live performances by Monty Python since performing at the Hollywood Bowl on 15 September 1980 and 40 years after they last appeared on stage in the UK at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. At a combined age of just 357, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin will once again take to the stage and perform some of Monty Python’s greatest hits with modern, topical twists. The live show will be directed by Aubrey Powell and produced by Fiz Oliver.

The collective Pythons have just issued a statement about their film plans. "Thanks to the wonderful invention of moving pictures, The Last Night of Monty Python is coming to a cinema near you. Get your knotted handkerchiefs out and warm your brains one last time at any one of 450 cinemas across the UK, and 1500 across the world. Join the crowd live from London’s O2 in a final weepy, hilarious, uproarious, outrageous, farewell to the five remaining Pythons as they head for The Old Jokes Home ....on the big screen, in HD.” 

The Monty Python team recently announced that this would be their last ever show. There will be no more gigs in the UK or anywhere else, though Michael Palin has confirmed that he would be doing a solo tour, Travelling To Work, this autumn. If you can't get tickets for the O2 Arena or the cinema broadcasts the final Python show will also be released on DVD later this year.

UK cinema tickets will go on sale from April 25. Further information available here.


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