Video: Sneak Preview Of Jamali Maddix's New Series Adventures In Futureland

Video: Sneak Preview Of Jamali Maddix's New Series Adventures In Futureland

Comedian Jamali Maddix meets extraordinary characters making a living in the digital era in his new series Adventures In Futureland - from online sex workers to bitcoin millionaires and children supporting their whole families by uploading viral content.

The series starts on C4 on Sunday, September 8 at 10pm. 


In this first episode, Jamali travels to the US where he meets a new breed of porn star: the cammers, who perform directly for their clients via their laptops. He visits a camming studio in Las Vegas where dozens of women between the ages of 18 and 60 work round the clock, offering a range of services from simple friendship, to incest fantasies. Jamali also experiences the growing world of bespoke porn - where clients pay to produce and star in their own adult movies. He's invited to a shoot involving one performer being 'mummified', and watches as she is sealed into a plaster of Paris entire body cast. Finally, he glimpses the future at a studio manufacturing virtual reality porn, where avatars interact with clients in 3D.


In episode two, Jamali goes to LA to meet unlikely online stars like Lil’ Terrio, who struck the jackpot with a viral Vine video released when he was just five. Now at the age of ten his fame has waned and he’s attempting a career comeback. Jamali goes behind the scenes at a convention of young influencers and talks to families and entourage of pre-teen social media superstars who are churning out content to feed their fan-base. He also discovers that keeping influencers on a tight leash isn’t always metaphorical, as Swaggy proves – an internet sensation who is hailed as “the richest dog in the world”.


In episode three, Jamali travels to Puerto Rico where a Bitcoin billionaire and his followers are trying to create a radical community without banks or state regulation. Many of these entrepreneurs are US expats who have taken advantage of generous tax breaks and cheap land in the aftermath of 2017 hurricane. Jamali meets Brock Pierce, a mysterious former child actor turned bitcoin fanatic - even his marriage is governed by a crypto contract that has to be renewed or annulled every year. Making his fortune in the early days of bitcoin Pierce has taken up residence in some of the oldest buildings on the island, including an old masonic temple, and encouraged fellow believers to join him. Meanwhile Quinn Eaker, another bitcoin evangelist is attempting to build an off-the-grid community that he calls Garden of Eden 2.0. But as plans are announced to create new sustainable cities, Jamali talks to locals who are protesting against what they see as a new form of colonisation

Watch clips from the series below.




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