News: Comedy Unleashed To Do Pop Up Gigs At Party Conferences

News: Comedy Unleashed To Do Pop Up Gigs At Party Conferences

London’s free-thinking comedy club Comedy Unleashed is taking the same comedians with the same stand-up routines to both Labour and Conservative Party conferences this September. Will Remainers and Leavers laugh at the same jokes about Brexit? Will feminists laugh about jokes on the #MeToo movement? Will Tories laugh about Boris? And can Labour laugh about Corbyn? Are some jokes unacceptable?

There is only one way to find out apparently and according to Comedy Unleashed, which runs regular nights in East London, this is that very way. The club is dedicated to free expression and shaking things up. It encourages free-thinking and experimentation without fear. It says it is a no self-censorship club with the slogan “If it’s funny, it’s funny”.

The comedians taking part in the pop-up gigs are as follows.  

Andrew Doyle 

Left-wing comedian and critic of ‘woke’ culture. Inventor of spoof character Titania McGrath.

Here's a taster: Andrew Doyle: 'Being Part of the Gay Community'

Will Franken

A conservative, one-man heterodox Monty Python for the modern age. Will plays characters, satirising people from Greta Thunberg to Republican Senators. He addresses the big cultural and social issues of our day by twisting them to absurdity.

Here's a taster: Will Franken: 'The Greta Thunberg Trans Counselling Sketch'

Ria Lina (compère)

Comedy Unleashed's regular MC. She's class. "Fearless, provocative and very funny" The Scotsman"

Here's a taster: Ria Lina: 'Letter to the Alabama Senate'

Isa Bonachera

“A unique brand of intelligent, dark comedy”

Here's a taster: Isa Bonachera: 'She Just Gets Better'

Red Richardson

Red sees red. He’s journeyed from one of England’s liberal hippy havens to the chaos of London and now he's in Brighton.

Here's a taster: Red Richardson: 'Safe Jokes'

Joe Jacobs

A left-wing Jewish comedian, rapper and a man with an 'often bleak outlook on the world'.

Here's a taster: Joe Jacobs: 'Gender Fluid Analogy'


The dates and locations of the shows are as follows: 


Labour Party Conference

Monday 23th September at The Caroline of Brunswick, Brighton


Conservative Party Conference

Monday 30th September at the Comedy Store, Manchester


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