News: Griff Rhys Jones Controversy

Comedian Griff Rhys Jones has become unwittingly embroiled in a row at Cardiff University over his appointment as the University's new Chancellor. The current presenter of It'll Be Alright On The Night had already been fitted with his robes and taken part in a photocall and interviews when it emerged that there were objections to his appointment. The previous Chancellor was Sir Martin Evans, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2007 and it was felt by some that maybe Professor Evans, who has a more global profile than Jones, should have been invited to continue in the post. The role is purely ceremonial, but some felt that appointing the Not The Nine O'Clock News star, who is not particularly well-known outside the UK, might appear parochial. The ruling body known as the court is now going to meet again to resolve the matter. Jones, 60, who was born in Cardiff before going to school in England, has not commented on the matter yet.

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