News: Happy Birthday Shaun

Shaun of the Dead

It is hard to believe it, but it is ten years ago that zombie apocalypse romcom classic Shaun of the Dead was first released. The UK release was on April 9, 2004. To mark the occasion the scripts of Shaun, alongside the scripts of the other two films in “The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy” – Hot Fuzz and The World’s End – have now very kindly been made available to download free, complete with previously unseen sketches, lesser known facts, curious squiggles and background trivia. The team behind the hits can afford to be generous, having had a pretty good decade. Simon Pegg who co-wrote the scripts with Edgar Wright and stars in the movies is doing mightly well for himself, as is Nick Frost, who is about to star is a major Sky 1 series, Mr Sloane, directed by Curb Your Enthusiam helmer Robert Weide. And director Edgar Wright is no slouch. His next project is reported to be a film version of the Marvel comics character Antman featuring This Is 40’s Paul Rudd. Supporting zombie-killer Martin Freeman hasn't fared too badly either. Sadly the ensuing years have not been so kind to New Cross pub The Duke of Albany which doubled as the Winchester Tavern in the movie’s Queen-soundtracked, bloodsplattered showdown. The Monson Road boozer has been converted into flats. Download the scripts from Edgar Wright’s website here

Now go away and dust off your DVDs. But if you are on a heavy schedule here are some of the best bits of all three films in under ten minutes. Warning - contains spoilers and ice cream.


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