News: Jeremy Paxman – Stand Up Star?

Jeremy Paxman

Newsnight's Jeremy Paxman will be appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe this August. He is booked to do a week in the Cabaret Bar at the Pleasance Theatre.

Details are sketchy at the moment and it is not clear to what extent this will be a comedy show or an attempt to add stand-up to his bow. A report in the Scotsman says that he will be talking about "pogonophobia, underpants and the human condition." Pogonophobia is a fear of beards – Paxman came in for some critical stick when he grew one recently.

The audience will have a chance to quiz him during his one hour appearance. Maybe Michael Howard will turn up to get his revenge for the Newsnight incident when Paxman persistently repeated the same question in an attempt to get the desired answer.

Paxman, 63, is reported to have said: “I have no idea why I’m doing this. Some fool said you only regret the things in life that you don’t do. But I’m regretting this already.” Perhaps his famous interview with Russell Brand has inspired him to try his hand at live performance on the Fringe.

The Cabaret Bar is one of the best venues on the Fringe and also one where a number of Award nominees have done their show. Harry Hill was nominated for a Perrier when he appeared there and last year Seann Walsh's The Lie-In King which picked up a Foster's Award nomination was on at the Cabaret Bar. Unfortunately because Paxman is only performing for a week he will not be eligible for a Foster's Award.

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